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Single & Dual-Band PCS Phones

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If you have a single band phone that only works on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, or have a dual-band phone that works on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network and in analog voice coverage areas, you will have different coverage. This applies to the phones listed below.

To find the model number of your phone, look on the sticker under the battery or on the back of the phone, look on the box it originally came in, or sign on to My Sprint and see the description of your phone.

Motorola Phones

Motorola Timeport P8167 Motorola StarTAC ST7762 Motorola V. Series 8162
Motorola StarTAC DB Motorola Talkabout

Sony Phones

Sony CM-B1201 Sony CM-D600 Sony CM-S1101
Sony Z-100

Samsung Phones

Samsung SCH-1000 Samsung SCH-1500 Samsung SCH-1900
Samsung SCH-2000 Samsung SPH-N270 Samsung M100 (Uproar)
Samsung SCH-3500 Samsung SCH-6100 Samsung SCH-8500
Samsung SP-i600 Samsung SPH-A400 Samsung SPH-i300
Samsung SPH-N200 Samsung SPH-N300

Hitachi Phones

Hitachi G1000 Hitachi SH-P300

LG Phones

LG 1100 LG 1200 LG 3000
LG 2110 LG 4NE1 LG 5200
LG 5250 LG 5350

Nokia Phones

Nokia 6185 Nokia 2170 Nokia 5170

Qualcomm Phones

Qualcomm QCP-2700 Qualcomm QCP-2760 Qualcomm PdQ
Qualcomm Q-phone Qualcomm QCP-1920 Qualcomm QCP-1960

Sanyo Phones

Sanyo SCP-3000 Sanyo SCP-4000 Sanyo SCP-4500
Sanyo SCP-4700 Sanyo SCP-4900 Sanyo SCP-5000
Sanyo SCP-5150 Sanyo SCP-6200 Sanyo SCP-6000
Sanyo SCP-6400

Neopoint Phones

Neopoint NP1000


Novatel Connection Card Merlin C201

PalmOne / Handspring

PalmOne / Handspring Treo 300

To take full advantage of Sprint's current network capabilities, you should upgrade your phone. To find out more about new phones, products, and current service plans available, shop online now.

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