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SprintPCS Web Site sections:

Introducing My PCS

When you have a Sprint PCS Service Plan, you automatically have access to My PCS, an area of our Web Site that offers quick, easy options for managing your account online. For information on all that you can do, select from the topics below.

Adding Services to Your Plan

To add services to your existing plan:

  1. Sign on to My PCS.
  2. Select My Phone & Plan and then Plan Details from the left navigation bar. Your plan summary is displayed, with a list of the services to which you currently subscribe.
  3. Under the Upgrade Your Plan section, click the name of the service you are interested in. The next page will give you information about that service and instructions on adding it to your plan.

Your request to add a service will take approximately 48 hours to process, and the charges for new services will be included in the next month's bill. If you do not see the service you would like to add to your account, dial *2 on your Sprint PCS Phone to speak to a representative.