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SprintPCS Web Site sections:

Introducing My PCS

When you have a Sprint PCS Service Plan, you automatically have access to My PCS, an area of our Web Site that offers quick, easy options for managing your account online. For information on all that you can do, select from the topics below.

Checking Your Usage

Get a quick overview of minutes used, minutes remaining, and other helpful usage details any time you want.

From your computer

Check your minutes used:

  • Sign on to My PCS.
  • Click My Phone & Plan.
  • Click Current Usage.

From your Sprint PCS VisionSM Phone

View your usage via the Web:

  • Access Wireless Web from the main menu.
  • Select My Account.
  • Select My Current Usage.
  • Select Minutes In Plan.

From any Sprint PCS Phone

Call for an automated summary of your usage:

  • Dial *4.
  • Follow the voice prompts.

As always, calling us from your Sprint PCS Phone doesn't count against your minutes.

En español, puedes comprobar tus minutos de uso por marcar *5 desde tu teléfono móvil Sprint PCS.